Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mighty Mouse

With anything you absolutely love in life, it's easy to get caught up in it and take it way too seriously, yet on occasion there are events that remind us to lighten up.  Today held such an occasion for me as I struggled my way up a climb to the "baffling crux," as the guide book called it.  I'd just made my way up 75% of the route to a good rest, the long expected crux just ahead.  Out of breath and fighting off the flash pump that had accumulated in my fore arms, I noticed a foul odor in the air.  I also noticed the jug hold I was hanging from was but the edge of a deep in cut feature in the rock, the apparent home of an, as of yet, unidentified rodent.  Now, I know what you're thinking, and no, I'm not an expert on the habitats of North American rodents; I guessed this to be such a home simply from the large amount of urine and pellet sized fecal matter scattered about.  Reflecting on the emphasis I'd put on on sighting routes, and seeing that a four legged mammal a fraction of my size with no opposable  thumbs had pissed on my climb, I had to laugh.  I finished my climb, lowered to the ground, walked over to the edge of the cliff and pissed on it (into the wind) thus proving my superiority over rodent kind.

Large Statue With Fist To Chin Elbow Upon Knee

"The best adventures answer questions, that in the beginning, you didn't think to ask."  These are the regurgitated words of Jeff Johnson, star of the documentary, 180 Degrees South, which I recently watched on Netflix, all thanks to my roommate Travis...way better than cable.  I don't think all adventures are set upon in order to answer questions, or even with the intent of calling them adventures; life just happens, certain experiences outweighing others.  Amongst other recent experiences, watching this film for the second time, has reassured me that I have made the right decision in moving to Wyoming and living as I do.  Much of the world remains to be seen before I can allow myself to pursue anything "grounding" in life: education, career, etc. 

All the while I realize that climbing and other leisure activities are not enough to lead a fulfilling life.  There is within me a burden that beckons me to complete my education...whatever that means...and contribute more fully to society.  But this, as with all things, will come with time.


I will continue to pursue climbing with abandon, as nothing else upon this earth has proved as fulfilling as the LIFESTYLE found through the climbing community.  As of now I plan to leave Wyoming some time in March, heading perhaps to Hueco Tanks in Texas;then on to Chattanooga for a brief stint before spending May at the Red River Gorge.  After May nothing is certain but I have a feeling I will find myself back in Lander, WY by July. 

Thanks for reading. Love you all and can't wait to see you in December.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy to Soil my Pants

Today I stepped on a bug and felt no remorse. I would make a terrible Buddhist; I do however, make a fairly descent dirtbag.  I have been hitting Wild Iris every chance I've had, and had a damn good time in the process.  There is little consistency in who I climb with from day to day but never any real shortage of partners when I actually try to find one.  Yesterday's mob consisted of Hannah, Amanda, and yours truly.   Hannah is a recent acquaintance and both of the girls are fairly inexperienced which carries the potential for a sketchy belay.  Amanda, however has been climbing with me for a little over a month, belaying me on climbs I knew I wouldn't fall from.  So yesterday I nudged her a little further, allowing her to belay me on some hard climbs including my project, Phony Express.

We warmed up with some 8's and 10's then moved straight on over to Phony Express.  I had been growing weary of the climb and had decided whether I succeeded or not, my draws were coming off the route before we went home.  I anchored Amanda down (I've got 75 pounds on her) and headed up the slab.  Pulling the moves with confidence, I breezed through the slab as I'd done so many times before.  Reaching the roof I shook out my hands, chalked up, took a deep breath, and punched it.  My hands stuck the dynamic move out the roof on there own, my mind observing from afar.  Every move felt effortless and graceful.  I clipped the last bolt, the next clip would be the anchors.  Contorting my body I moved for the last few holds, right left, unthinkable!!! I watched as the rock moved away from me in slow motion 3 moves from the top. Farther than I'd ever been on the route I was crushed. The exileration of reaching a new high point was overwhelmed by the dissapointment I felt from having failed...again. I fought my way up the route and took down my draws.

Feeling somewhat defeated, I packed my bag and we headed for the Ok Corral where there was a better selection of routes for the girls to get on. I led them to some 5.8's and let them do there own thing while I cought my breath and rested. Not feeling completely drained, I decided to go for one more route after Hannah and Amanda got a few pitches in. I located a route I'd marked in my guide book over a month before. Thinking nothing of the route's grade, 5.12a, and expecting nothing great form myself, I roped up. Long story short, I breezed it, struggling only at the last move. "The solace of bolted faces" became my first 5.12 onsight (I climbed it cleanly first go with no idea of what the beta was). Day saved-BOOM.


A guy from Jackson Hole came into the shop today at work asking if we wouldn't mind to post some stuff in the window and promote the skiing over there. In return they said they would hook us up...I have a FREE season Pass to JACKSON HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the powder!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bringing Back the 80's

Same routine with a few new twists.  For the past two weeks I have worked and climbed as I have done every week since I moved here.  My job isn't extremely difficult and it pays well, however, working in a bike shop without owning a bike can be quite frustrating.  Thus I put a post on Lander Talk looking for a 58" road bike, and I found one!  I snagged an old Trek from 1980 something or other.  She isn't perfect by any means but a road bike none the less.  I've put some work into it as well as a new part or two and she's looking pretty sexy:
I've also started working a few more hours each week; it wasn't a choice I wanted to make, but necessary.

As for the recreational part of the blog, I am still working on my project over at Wild Iris, Phony Express 5.12b.  I have put 4 or 5 days of work into it (a lot considering I only get to go once or twice a week) and I'm getting very close to finishing it.  I made a new high point on it yesterday and will be going tomorrow morning to give it, what I hope to be, my last "attempt."  The slab leading to the roof goes at about 5.11 and the moves over the roof equate to about a V5 boulder problem...check it out:
On another note, I've booked my flight home for the Holidays. I'll be home Dec. 23rd through 29th. I'm looking forward to the time at home and enjoying my time here.  Take care everyone.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cake On The Moon

Hey folks, it's been a week or more since I posted anything so here's the update.  Mom and Dave dropped in last weekend for a quick visit and I couldn't have been happier to have family around again.  After a hike and a tour of my new town they left for the Tetons.  They took a few photos so go bug 'em to see, they would love to show them I'm sure.  Thanks to everyone for all the dishes and utensils, they have been heavily used already!


Last week, after four days of effort, heading up to Sinks Canyon after and sometimes before work, I sent Blue Moon 5.12a.  Almost double the height (70ft.) of the last 5.12 I sent (40ft.), and with a good deal of time and energy invested, this is the proudest route I've ever climbed.  Since then I have begun working on two new projects, one at Wild Iris and the other at Sinks Canyon; both are kicking my butt!  Hopefully since I've been breaking my camera out more lately I will have some visuals to share soon.


This past weekend I was encouraged to spend some time in the Wind River Mt. range since they will soon be closed off with ludicrous amounts of snow.  After work Saturday I drove two hours to the trail head and spent the night in the back of my truck.  To my surprise I woke to the sight of frost covering my entire camper...it was 25degrees F.  I got on the trail and soon warmed right up with the sun, changing from pants and a wool shirt to shorts and no shirt...mountain weather is weired.  The approach hike was a pleasantly flat 6 miles with another 2 up jackass pass for the view of a life time:

All in all the hike was 16 miles witch made for a very happy return to the parking lot where a bottle of ibuprofen was waiting on my dash. 

The adventures haven't stopped multiplying since I stepped out the door back home in TN and I can't wait to see where they will take me.  I love you all and can't wait to see you in December.  Have fun and don't take yourselves too seriously!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorry for the absence, it has been an interesting week or so.  After a little coaxing and a battle royal with the gas company we got the keys to our new home and hot water to go with it.  It has been a rocky start scraping the money together but we are all paid up for September (one whole month until they can kick us out).  My schedule lately has been a bit cramped.  I work 4 1/2 days a week with 3 1/2 to play. On the whole days, Sunday through Tuesday, I climb routes with ANYONE I can find.  Wednesdays I work which offers a good rest for Thursday bouldering sessions which have been at the gym until now.  Tomorrow I am meeting an acquaintance at his camp in sinks canyon to go do some granite bouldering and couldn't be more excited to use my crash pad for its intended purpose...rather than as a sofa.  I'd type more but sitting up is work, bye for now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unfamiliar Territory

We found a house!!  A house we had previously deemed too pricey dropped $200.  It's a small three bedroom house, comes with washer & dryer, fridge, and stove.  Me, Matt, and one of Matt's old friends, Travis are moving in a week from today.

On another note, Me, Matt, and three new acquaintances sped to the crag for a late day session at Wild Iris on Monday.  Rachel, one of the new folk steered us toward her project Winchester pump 5.11a; not a bad route.  Then after putting in a few belays I got ambitious and decided to get on Give My Love to Rose 5.12a.  I sent with one hang (fall) and lowered back to the ground to try for the red point (Routes are not counted unless led from the ground up hanging your protection and/or rope as you go.  The absolute maximum difficulty one is capable of climbing is referred to as a red point.)  With day light fading I hopped back on the route.  A short lived attempt, I fell on a hard move right after the first bolt, once again lowering to the ground to attempt a clean send.  Tossing on the head lamp I gathered myself for one more burn on the route.  Finding a two finger hold I'd previously missed, I moved past the section that had stumped me before.  Pushing through the remaining pockets I pulled to the anchors for my first 5.12, a grade viewed by many as a barrier to the standard of hard climbing.  It's exciting to be progressing in both the sport I love and life in general.  I'll get some photos of the house on here as soon as we move in.  Take it easy  folks.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tennessean @ Altitude

Over the weekend I made a trip over to the Wild Iris, a local climbing area that sits at 9000 feet.  About 8 of us camped out Saturday night waking early Sunday morning to head over to the crag.  A clear view of the Wind River Mountains and a panoramic view of the Wyoming desert plains made for some incredible scenery which was only half as good as the climbing (left my camera in the car).  The routes are made up of great lime stone with a sustained grade of difficulty in almost every move.  Hot Tamale, the last route I got on for the trip,  is thus far the crown jewel of Wyoming climbs.  You run into the crux right in the middle of the wall. This dynamic move to a small hold sends your feet flying out into nothingness as time slows down and you think of nothing but latching that hold, lest you take a 10' plunge to the last bolt.  This move almost shut me down, but after 4 attempts I pushed past the series of crimp rails to a good hold to clip the next bolt.  I haven't worked that hard to send a route in a long time; it's an amazing feeling.  Still no promising lodging but I'm getting a bit more comfortable living out of my truck...at least I'm saving money.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventures of a Climbing Hobo

Monday marked the begginning of my employment at Gannet Peak Sports.  The fact that I got the job is either a testament to my outstanding resume or to my incredible luck (I'm going with the later of the two).  Most of the work right now consists of bike repair, making me about as useful as a chimp unless a tire needs to be changed.  After work I received a proper introduction to wyoming; we went to the middle of nowhere and shot holes in old cans...MERICANS likes R GUNS.

By another stroke of luck I managed to finagle a ride up to Ten Sleep, Wyoming Sunday morning with a recent acquaintance.  The rock here is Sharp!  Techy slaby faces with limited footholds is the name of the game out here.  I'm 100% biased, but it sure is hell doesn't compare to southern sand stone.  Being a rock snob  didn't keep me from setting a project though.  Kielbasa 5.12c crazy hard but I made it halfway.  Vance, my ride, is about as cool as they come and climbs a good bit harder than me.

Today was spent in the search for proper housing.  After checking with a couple of realtors and cruising the streets for anything with a "for rent" sign, we found a place with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths for $700 a month...then I called the realtor back and found out it had been rented out 2 days ago.  Climbing, you are a fickle mistress.  On a brighter note one of my co-workers has offered to let me use her shower and kitchen.  I remain optimistic that I will find a place before the week is out.  Otherwise it may be off to the ski resorts to find employee housing.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Warp Speed Is Cooler With Caffeine

Just two days in town and things are falling into place like crazy magnetized puzzle pieces.  Yesterday I scoured the town for employment opportunities recieving a call within just a few hours.  Long-story-short, I am now employed at Gannet Peak Sports where I will begin work tomorrow morning.  The job description given to me entailed assembing bikes, waxing skis, testing said bikes and skis, and yeah, selling bikes and skis.  One Major perk included...PRO DEAL...Already set my sights on a couple of the road bikes in the shop (single speed or multi-gear?)  It's only a matter of time before I full around with one of the long boards too; sure to be followed by a damaged ego and a few bottles of ibuprofin.

The search for housing not made of nylon and aluminum continues.  My 3 days are up at the park and I will be relocating to sinks canyon this evening.  Matt has a sore on his bicep which I suspect is a brown recluse bight...amputation is surely imminent.

(1)Coffee shops are essential to Tennesseans traveling to Wyoming.  If you don't like coffee, stay out you won't survive the drive.
(2)If you don't know what lies down dark hwy's off random exits, don't go there. You will drive into the Twilight Zone.
(3)If you just drove 1800 miles, ignore the noise you think you hear coming from the engine and drive another couple hundred miles; It's for the best.

My new address is P.O Box 1112 Lander, WY 82520

Happy Trails and Play nice kids.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I rolled into Lander, Wyoming about 4PM Mountain time yesterday.(remember I'm 2 hours behind you guys before any AM phone calls).  The drive in was almost too much to process at one time.  We passed by Vedauwoo on the way...beautiful. Lander sits at the foot of the Wind River Mountains and may be one of the coolest towns I've ever been to.  After setting up camp I went streight to Wild Iris Mountain Sports and scoped out the possibility of snagging a job there.  Although they are full at the moment, they were kind enough to refer me to some other businesses around town and mentioned they may have an oppening later in the fall.  Matt found a job with an old friend of his within the first 2 hours of being in town (networking mastermind).  We are set up camping in City Park for the moment but as there is a 3 day limit, we will shortly be moving over to Sinks Canyon right outside of town.

I'm excited to finally be here. Photos to come soon. For those interested, there is a link below each post for you to leave comments.  I will check and reply to these more often than I will be able to call.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Downhill Racing

Today was predecided to be adventurous.  I rested yesterday in order to attempt my project at the Zoo, one of many different cliff lines, or crags, here at the Red River Gorge.  Hippocrite, given the grade of 5.12a is a short beautiful line consisting of powerful moves between good holds.  Mentioning the Zoo around Miguel's brought a stiff warning and a few horror stories of bees along the trail.  This, however, was not enough to deter me from my route seeing as it will most likely be several months, if not more, before I return to climb at the Red.  I woke up around 8:30 as I have most mornings this past week and joined in a communal breakfast buffet scraped together from all the ingredients the three of us (Matt, Brea, and myself) had at hand.  Then it was on to the Zoo. Despite the massive number of bee casualties reported to us, I was the only one stung on the way up the trail...We kept going.  My ambition had got the better of me and I'd rushed out of camp without warming up on the hang boards mounted by the picnic tables 'round back.  My first two burns on Hippocrite reflected my time away from climbing throuhout the rafting season.  I finnaly pieced the route together, giving it a total of four attempts...still a project.

Hiking out brout our predestined adventure to fruition.  Once again I was towards the back of the line a few paces behind the rest of the group when I hear, "AH, Hornets!"  Having already been bothered by the vile creatures earlier in the day, I froze immediately.  I looked at the small buzzing objects before me and then back at Matt who was following a few feet behind me.  We looked at each other and charged forward to meet out fate (pain).  Only three steps into my poor decision my legs were on fire and both Matt and I were cursing up a storm.  I then tumble headlong down  the steep hill, pack and all.  Rolling three times end over end with matt not far behind, my friends ahead of us can't help but laugh at the site they are wittnessing.

A few benadryl and a long stent in the hammok later, I can see the humor and stupidity in it all.  We are all still moving with nothing seriously damaged except for our egos and that can only be for the better.  I've read it and heard it repeated all my life that any great adventure is only made more memorable by the bad experiences.  Here's to adventures of every kind, may they be extremely forgettable.

Friday, August 6, 2010

"Don't Try Slab, That's Stupid"

We hit the Millitary Wall and Left Flank today (those are the names of cliff lines) and all stepped up our game a notch.  After warming up on some FUN routes I went and chilled in my hammok for a while trying to get my head game together for Tissue Tiger 5.12b, the hardest thing I've ever attempted. making it up four out of five bolts I was shut down at the crux of the route.  This wasn't unexpected and I counted it as a success for having made it as far as I did.  The others picked out some stout lines as well including Hairy Undercling, Aquaduck, and Henry, all 5.11b.  I lead all of these climbs myself but Henry, being a slab was a new experience for me.  The face was almost entirely blank and produced some of the most desperate moves I've ever made!  Holding on to edges only a quarter inch wide while 6' above your last bolt is one of the craziest feelings I've ever had.  We are all pushing our limits on this trip to the Red River Gorge and I can only hope by the end of the week I will be as strong as I was in May. One way or the other, this is only the training ground for what waits for us in Wyoming and Colorado and I am anxiouse to get back on the road.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hanging out in the Cave

Just droppin in to give you folks back in Chatty an update on what's going down up in KY...It's HOT!  Me, Matt, and Brea all made it up here without too much of a hassle. Matt is, however, somewhat traumatized from his bus ride.  The heat has made it a little hard to get motivated to climb hard, and we spent the most part of today lounging around Miguel's and running to town for AC. Tomorrow's weather conditions are suppsed to be really nice and we are planning to hit the rocks before the sun.  The magnitude of what I'm getting into still hasn't hit me.  Enjoying the days as they come.  More insight later...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Everything

No secret I pay little attention to this blog.  All I post is the big stuff...this should count.  When I created this account, my first entry explained that I would be leaving my home town of Chattanooga within a years time.  At that point I had estimated I'd be out by September; now my departure is set for August and that's damn close!  After a year of debate, it looks like I'll be headed for Lander, Wyoming.  The details of what I was going to do when I got out west were vague to say the least, and although they haven't changed much I now have a starting point.  My buddy Matt, mentioned and shown in my entries about the Red River Gorge and the Obed, is going to school out there.  And although I don't know where I will find a job, having a room mate will make it loads easier to find affordable housing. 

School isn't out of the question anymore either. Two years ago when Matt joined the program, the Outdoor Recreation major offered in-state tuition to anyone in order to expand the department.  If that deal is still on the table, I may just take them up on it! Follow THIS LINK to check out the program.

In other news, the Ocoee season is picking up (about time!!!) and I am spending more time living at the outpost.  I had an epic trip the other day which involved surfing Grumpy's in high water; I won't go into that though...although I may post a photo later.  I attempted to attend a Wilderness First Responder course but after two weeks of showing up at different times on three different occasions the course was canceled.  That's about all I have for the moment.  Now go outside! Computer screens are bad for your eyes!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taking it Easy at the Obed

Finishing off a month of climbing both at home in Chattanooga and at a few distant crags, me, Brea, Nick, and Matt crammed into the Ranger for one last road trip. The Obed is about 45 minutes outside of Knoxville (this is actually a complete guess) and features several sand stone sport crags as well as a descent size boulder field.  From May 24 - 26 we lounged at the Obed climbing one day on routes, one of boulders, and the third...we swam.  None of us were overambitious going into the trip and honestly after a month of climbing with only a handful of rest days, I was quite tired. Thus I was perfectly content to simply hang out with good friends in a beautiful place.  As the Dixie Cragger suggested, we camped at Del's.  The set up was awesome and the trip wouldn't have been the same had we not been exposed to the hospitality of Del and his wife Marte.  These two folks live completely off the grid and I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.  We will definately visit them again!

I managed to get some photos and video as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Living/Climbing Losing their Destinction

Hardly a day has gone by in the last two weeks that I have not touched stone.  Starting the summer off right, me and 5 friends spent a week climbing in the Red River Gorge.  The routes we hopped on were world class and the atmosphere at Miguel's was outstanding as usual.  There was a mix of talent in our group which proved for some great variety in the grades and styles of routes we scoped out.  I cleanly sent Fuzzy Underclings, a 5.11b (personal best) and Hippocrite, a 5.12a with one fall.  Nick joining our crew from New Hampshire got in his first lead climb ever: Creature Feature 5.9+.  The night life back a camp was never dull, featuring everything from double decker hammoks to shot gunning our favorite brews on the slackline.  Continuing on from the Red, Matt, another New Hampshire gent, and Nick joined us in Chattanooga for some more Grade A southern sand stone.  Since we got back on the 11th we've been out to Little Rock City bouldering almost every day.  Everyone is having a blast and climbing strong.  I hope the trend continues, but for now it's time for a rest day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God Made Coffee for Road Trips

Gettin The Hell Out! It's been two months since I was last at the Red River Gorge and today is the day I make my return.  In 6 hours I'm packing the car and heading out.  The crew for the trip is Brea, Rachel, Drew, and myself.  No the weather isn't looking prestine but we're going all the same.  Pray for good weather!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

River Bum Season

Last weekend was the first water release for the Ocoee river.  The rock slides had everyone curious how this season was going to run but TDOT seems to have done a hell of a job clearing things up.  The big slide fell right smack in the middle of Grumpy's (the first rapid/the put in) but it's somewhat back to "normal."  There is a new ramp and the current pushing right is pretty rediculous, there will be some carnage there for sure this season.  I wasn't scheduled for anything but picked up two paid trips; can't wait to get paid (thanks Jen and Becky)!  I can't wait for TVA to turn the water on full time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moving Mountains

This blog is called seasonal occupations, and for good reason.  Up until now I have discussed nothing but climbing shananagans; this however is because I created this thing in the winter and didn't have any money to go skiing.  However, hwy 64 is scheduled to open this Friday and that means it's time for the Ocoee Rafting Season-The Hi-C crew will be kickin it at the outpost to celebrate!  There is a high chance of snagging a PAID trip with some custies!  Thank God the winter is over.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Red River Gorge...and then some.

Me and Matt got to Miguels too late Sunday to climb but just in time to beat the crowd to some awesome pizza.  Monday we got an early start, spending the whole day at the Roadside crag.  I'm not going to try and pretend to remember the names of everything we climbed but one wall in particular was beautiful; three 5.10's right beside each other-climbed every one of them!  We spent Tuesday in Muir Valley at Johny/tectonics wall with a sick 5.9+ and a 10c getting lucky in kentucky. We then hopped over to Practice wall getting over our fear of heights (20ft), ending our climbing at Bruis Brothers where I led my first 5.11 outside of the gym. Climbing at the Red the past few days has made it much easier to accept that bouldering season is about over and I'm completely PSYCHED on sport season!

I got the text from Joseph right after I walked in the door last night: "you in town?  wondering if you wanted to go to the roof tomorrow."  The dayton roof has some stout climbing and stays almost completely dry in a light rain, which made it perfect for today...even though it ended up never raining out there. We met a couple guys from NC who were passing through Chattanooga doin the same as us, looking for that last bit of dry sandstone before the end of their trip.  Sorry guys, names don't stick long and I lost your info.  We all pretty much got shut down but not after making some sick efforts considering we'd all been climbing for 3 or more days in a row.  Pics for both trips check 'em out!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Break on the Rocks

I kicked off spring break yesterday at LRC with Audrey and Andrew.  The weather was perfect and the climbing was descent.  No one in our crew scent anything new but we repeated several problems and I made some progress on Cinderella V7.  We ran into Ian and Ronnie, some guys I met back in December down at horse pens 40 and climbed with them for a large part of the day.  Ronnie is a badass who climbs despite having only one leg.  He sent Bonesaw V5 and came close to White Trash also V5.  Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for some killer sport climbing.  What was originally suppossed to be 5 guys has turned into just me and Matt but 2 is all you need to lead a route anyway; more climbing for us!  My gear is laid out and the laundry is almost done; I can't wait to hit the road in the morning.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chillin in the Appalachians

Me and the rest of the Chatt Nasty Climbing Team competed at the second comp in the CCS (colligiate climbing series) for 2010 over the weekend, held at Appalachian State University.   Packing for the trip, it was almost painful to leave out the ski gear but the purpose of this trip was to dominate in climbing, not on the slopes.  The drive up was interesting to say the least and the folks who let us crash at their places were awesome. Starting early Saturday morning, the comp was divided into three different time slots: 9-12, 12-3, and 3-6.  We had climbers in all time slots so the whole crew spent the day at the gym.  Those of us who weren't climbing walked the streets of Boone in search of cheap food.  ASU set problems to suit a diversity of different climbing styles and all of them were sick!  In the end Matt took 2nd in men's for the CCS, Rachel took first in womens', Brea took 2nd(?), and I took first in men's intermediate for the individual comp.  We all had a great time chillin with good people in an awesome town and I can't wait to do it again.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I haven't kept up with this very well in the past few days (week 1/2 or so) but then again the weather hasn't really been condusive to any form of outdoor activity for Chattanooga and my budget for traveling to the slopes is $0.  I did manage to get outside for a brief stent yesterday; it involved an 80 foot pine and a chainsaw. 
Fortunately I have a membership to Urban Rocks (thanks Dad) so I've been climbing a ton of plastic.  Right now I'm staring down some more rain clouds so its back in the gym tomorrow with a slight hope of getting out Wednesday or Thurs.  Soon as the job hunt produces a road trip IS going down (Horse Pens in 2 weeks).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have seen the future...And it's scary as hell!

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Youth Regional abs finals volunteering as a judge.  I watched some strong kids pull down on some sick problems and was truly blown away by the display of talent and level of comprehension some of the climbers possesed.  There used to be some negative stuff written here too...Kick ass time nothing negative. Good luck to the competitors who made it to nationals

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chatt. Nasty

I didn't pick the name I'm just along for the ride.  Today was the first climbing competition hosted by UTC's brand spankin new Chatt Nasty climbing Team (club sport).  There was a decent turn out for the comp and a few folks still strong enough afterwords to participate in a dyno comp.  I competed in the advanced catagory finishing 3rd.  I wasted much of my time working some tough problems I never completed but the 4 I did get put me on the metaphorical podium (they score you based on your top 5 climbs).  It was a great event and they managed to raise a few bucks for the team.  Big thanks for all the guys (and Rachel) who set for the comp. Hopefully I'll snag some of the pics and video Drew shot, check back in a few days.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Precip.

Little kids pray for snow days to get them out of school, and skiing and snowboarding are two of the greatest things known to man, however, we were bouldering today. Got home right as Zack pulled into the driveway, giving me just enough time to grab my camera and a crash pad and go right back out the door. The rocks were wet and the cold made touching the rock as appealing as hitting your own hand with a mallet. Not to be discouraged, there were still some strong folks trying the shield V11 and Zack got some solid burns on Deception V7. It was cold and wet but a day outside is almost always better than one inside.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I lead an active life and for the past few months have been piecing together my plans for the next year, which as many of you know involve leaving my home town of Chattanooga, TN. I am creating this blog to provide a window into my life as a climber, skier, raft guide, and outdoor enthusiest in general and to keep those interested, up to date on my plans as they come together. Hope you enjoy.