Friday, August 13, 2010

Warp Speed Is Cooler With Caffeine

Just two days in town and things are falling into place like crazy magnetized puzzle pieces.  Yesterday I scoured the town for employment opportunities recieving a call within just a few hours.  Long-story-short, I am now employed at Gannet Peak Sports where I will begin work tomorrow morning.  The job description given to me entailed assembing bikes, waxing skis, testing said bikes and skis, and yeah, selling bikes and skis.  One Major perk included...PRO DEAL...Already set my sights on a couple of the road bikes in the shop (single speed or multi-gear?)  It's only a matter of time before I full around with one of the long boards too; sure to be followed by a damaged ego and a few bottles of ibuprofin.

The search for housing not made of nylon and aluminum continues.  My 3 days are up at the park and I will be relocating to sinks canyon this evening.  Matt has a sore on his bicep which I suspect is a brown recluse bight...amputation is surely imminent.

(1)Coffee shops are essential to Tennesseans traveling to Wyoming.  If you don't like coffee, stay out you won't survive the drive.
(2)If you don't know what lies down dark hwy's off random exits, don't go there. You will drive into the Twilight Zone.
(3)If you just drove 1800 miles, ignore the noise you think you hear coming from the engine and drive another couple hundred miles; It's for the best.

My new address is P.O Box 1112 Lander, WY 82520

Happy Trails and Play nice kids.

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  1. Single speed is better for commuting. The simplicity of it is cool. However, if you plan on being on the road very long, and would like to pick up a little speed, go with gears.

    Also, work on the spelling.

    - Sam