Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unfamiliar Territory

We found a house!!  A house we had previously deemed too pricey dropped $200.  It's a small three bedroom house, comes with washer & dryer, fridge, and stove.  Me, Matt, and one of Matt's old friends, Travis are moving in a week from today.

On another note, Me, Matt, and three new acquaintances sped to the crag for a late day session at Wild Iris on Monday.  Rachel, one of the new folk steered us toward her project Winchester pump 5.11a; not a bad route.  Then after putting in a few belays I got ambitious and decided to get on Give My Love to Rose 5.12a.  I sent with one hang (fall) and lowered back to the ground to try for the red point (Routes are not counted unless led from the ground up hanging your protection and/or rope as you go.  The absolute maximum difficulty one is capable of climbing is referred to as a red point.)  With day light fading I hopped back on the route.  A short lived attempt, I fell on a hard move right after the first bolt, once again lowering to the ground to attempt a clean send.  Tossing on the head lamp I gathered myself for one more burn on the route.  Finding a two finger hold I'd previously missed, I moved past the section that had stumped me before.  Pushing through the remaining pockets I pulled to the anchors for my first 5.12, a grade viewed by many as a barrier to the standard of hard climbing.  It's exciting to be progressing in both the sport I love and life in general.  I'll get some photos of the house on here as soon as we move in.  Take it easy  folks.


  1. One day I hope to know what the hell you are talking about with 5.whatever a/b technical stuff.

  2. Come on out here and I'll teach you.

  3. Hey believe me, I would SO much rather be out there than here... being bored... taking classes. And I will come, as long as we get to go to Jackson Hole :-)