Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bringing Back the 80's

Same routine with a few new twists.  For the past two weeks I have worked and climbed as I have done every week since I moved here.  My job isn't extremely difficult and it pays well, however, working in a bike shop without owning a bike can be quite frustrating.  Thus I put a post on Lander Talk looking for a 58" road bike, and I found one!  I snagged an old Trek from 1980 something or other.  She isn't perfect by any means but a road bike none the less.  I've put some work into it as well as a new part or two and she's looking pretty sexy:
I've also started working a few more hours each week; it wasn't a choice I wanted to make, but necessary.

As for the recreational part of the blog, I am still working on my project over at Wild Iris, Phony Express 5.12b.  I have put 4 or 5 days of work into it (a lot considering I only get to go once or twice a week) and I'm getting very close to finishing it.  I made a new high point on it yesterday and will be going tomorrow morning to give it, what I hope to be, my last "attempt."  The slab leading to the roof goes at about 5.11 and the moves over the roof equate to about a V5 boulder problem...check it out:
On another note, I've booked my flight home for the Holidays. I'll be home Dec. 23rd through 29th. I'm looking forward to the time at home and enjoying my time here.  Take care everyone.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cake On The Moon

Hey folks, it's been a week or more since I posted anything so here's the update.  Mom and Dave dropped in last weekend for a quick visit and I couldn't have been happier to have family around again.  After a hike and a tour of my new town they left for the Tetons.  They took a few photos so go bug 'em to see, they would love to show them I'm sure.  Thanks to everyone for all the dishes and utensils, they have been heavily used already!


Last week, after four days of effort, heading up to Sinks Canyon after and sometimes before work, I sent Blue Moon 5.12a.  Almost double the height (70ft.) of the last 5.12 I sent (40ft.), and with a good deal of time and energy invested, this is the proudest route I've ever climbed.  Since then I have begun working on two new projects, one at Wild Iris and the other at Sinks Canyon; both are kicking my butt!  Hopefully since I've been breaking my camera out more lately I will have some visuals to share soon.


This past weekend I was encouraged to spend some time in the Wind River Mt. range since they will soon be closed off with ludicrous amounts of snow.  After work Saturday I drove two hours to the trail head and spent the night in the back of my truck.  To my surprise I woke to the sight of frost covering my entire was 25degrees F.  I got on the trail and soon warmed right up with the sun, changing from pants and a wool shirt to shorts and no shirt...mountain weather is weired.  The approach hike was a pleasantly flat 6 miles with another 2 up jackass pass for the view of a life time:

All in all the hike was 16 miles witch made for a very happy return to the parking lot where a bottle of ibuprofen was waiting on my dash. 

The adventures haven't stopped multiplying since I stepped out the door back home in TN and I can't wait to see where they will take me.  I love you all and can't wait to see you in December.  Have fun and don't take yourselves too seriously!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorry for the absence, it has been an interesting week or so.  After a little coaxing and a battle royal with the gas company we got the keys to our new home and hot water to go with it.  It has been a rocky start scraping the money together but we are all paid up for September (one whole month until they can kick us out).  My schedule lately has been a bit cramped.  I work 4 1/2 days a week with 3 1/2 to play. On the whole days, Sunday through Tuesday, I climb routes with ANYONE I can find.  Wednesdays I work which offers a good rest for Thursday bouldering sessions which have been at the gym until now.  Tomorrow I am meeting an acquaintance at his camp in sinks canyon to go do some granite bouldering and couldn't be more excited to use my crash pad for its intended purpose...rather than as a sofa.  I'd type more but sitting up is work, bye for now.