Monday, March 15, 2010

Red River Gorge...and then some.

Me and Matt got to Miguels too late Sunday to climb but just in time to beat the crowd to some awesome pizza.  Monday we got an early start, spending the whole day at the Roadside crag.  I'm not going to try and pretend to remember the names of everything we climbed but one wall in particular was beautiful; three 5.10's right beside each other-climbed every one of them!  We spent Tuesday in Muir Valley at Johny/tectonics wall with a sick 5.9+ and a 10c getting lucky in kentucky. We then hopped over to Practice wall getting over our fear of heights (20ft), ending our climbing at Bruis Brothers where I led my first 5.11 outside of the gym. Climbing at the Red the past few days has made it much easier to accept that bouldering season is about over and I'm completely PSYCHED on sport season!

I got the text from Joseph right after I walked in the door last night: "you in town?  wondering if you wanted to go to the roof tomorrow."  The dayton roof has some stout climbing and stays almost completely dry in a light rain, which made it perfect for today...even though it ended up never raining out there. We met a couple guys from NC who were passing through Chattanooga doin the same as us, looking for that last bit of dry sandstone before the end of their trip.  Sorry guys, names don't stick long and I lost your info.  We all pretty much got shut down but not after making some sick efforts considering we'd all been climbing for 3 or more days in a row.  Pics for both trips check 'em out!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Break on the Rocks

I kicked off spring break yesterday at LRC with Audrey and Andrew.  The weather was perfect and the climbing was descent.  No one in our crew scent anything new but we repeated several problems and I made some progress on Cinderella V7.  We ran into Ian and Ronnie, some guys I met back in December down at horse pens 40 and climbed with them for a large part of the day.  Ronnie is a badass who climbs despite having only one leg.  He sent Bonesaw V5 and came close to White Trash also V5.  Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for some killer sport climbing.  What was originally suppossed to be 5 guys has turned into just me and Matt but 2 is all you need to lead a route anyway; more climbing for us!  My gear is laid out and the laundry is almost done; I can't wait to hit the road in the morning.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chillin in the Appalachians

Me and the rest of the Chatt Nasty Climbing Team competed at the second comp in the CCS (colligiate climbing series) for 2010 over the weekend, held at Appalachian State University.   Packing for the trip, it was almost painful to leave out the ski gear but the purpose of this trip was to dominate in climbing, not on the slopes.  The drive up was interesting to say the least and the folks who let us crash at their places were awesome. Starting early Saturday morning, the comp was divided into three different time slots: 9-12, 12-3, and 3-6.  We had climbers in all time slots so the whole crew spent the day at the gym.  Those of us who weren't climbing walked the streets of Boone in search of cheap food.  ASU set problems to suit a diversity of different climbing styles and all of them were sick!  In the end Matt took 2nd in men's for the CCS, Rachel took first in womens', Brea took 2nd(?), and I took first in men's intermediate for the individual comp.  We all had a great time chillin with good people in an awesome town and I can't wait to do it again.