Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bringing Back the 80's

Same routine with a few new twists.  For the past two weeks I have worked and climbed as I have done every week since I moved here.  My job isn't extremely difficult and it pays well, however, working in a bike shop without owning a bike can be quite frustrating.  Thus I put a post on Lander Talk looking for a 58" road bike, and I found one!  I snagged an old Trek from 1980 something or other.  She isn't perfect by any means but a road bike none the less.  I've put some work into it as well as a new part or two and she's looking pretty sexy:
I've also started working a few more hours each week; it wasn't a choice I wanted to make, but necessary.

As for the recreational part of the blog, I am still working on my project over at Wild Iris, Phony Express 5.12b.  I have put 4 or 5 days of work into it (a lot considering I only get to go once or twice a week) and I'm getting very close to finishing it.  I made a new high point on it yesterday and will be going tomorrow morning to give it, what I hope to be, my last "attempt."  The slab leading to the roof goes at about 5.11 and the moves over the roof equate to about a V5 boulder problem...check it out:
On another note, I've booked my flight home for the Holidays. I'll be home Dec. 23rd through 29th. I'm looking forward to the time at home and enjoying my time here.  Take care everyone.

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