Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Everything

No secret I pay little attention to this blog.  All I post is the big stuff...this should count.  When I created this account, my first entry explained that I would be leaving my home town of Chattanooga within a years time.  At that point I had estimated I'd be out by September; now my departure is set for August and that's damn close!  After a year of debate, it looks like I'll be headed for Lander, Wyoming.  The details of what I was going to do when I got out west were vague to say the least, and although they haven't changed much I now have a starting point.  My buddy Matt, mentioned and shown in my entries about the Red River Gorge and the Obed, is going to school out there.  And although I don't know where I will find a job, having a room mate will make it loads easier to find affordable housing. 

School isn't out of the question anymore either. Two years ago when Matt joined the program, the Outdoor Recreation major offered in-state tuition to anyone in order to expand the department.  If that deal is still on the table, I may just take them up on it! Follow THIS LINK to check out the program.

In other news, the Ocoee season is picking up (about time!!!) and I am spending more time living at the outpost.  I had an epic trip the other day which involved surfing Grumpy's in high water; I won't go into that though...although I may post a photo later.  I attempted to attend a Wilderness First Responder course but after two weeks of showing up at different times on three different occasions the course was canceled.  That's about all I have for the moment.  Now go outside! Computer screens are bad for your eyes!

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