Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Living/Climbing Losing their Destinction

Hardly a day has gone by in the last two weeks that I have not touched stone.  Starting the summer off right, me and 5 friends spent a week climbing in the Red River Gorge.  The routes we hopped on were world class and the atmosphere at Miguel's was outstanding as usual.  There was a mix of talent in our group which proved for some great variety in the grades and styles of routes we scoped out.  I cleanly sent Fuzzy Underclings, a 5.11b (personal best) and Hippocrite, a 5.12a with one fall.  Nick joining our crew from New Hampshire got in his first lead climb ever: Creature Feature 5.9+.  The night life back a camp was never dull, featuring everything from double decker hammoks to shot gunning our favorite brews on the slackline.  Continuing on from the Red, Matt, another New Hampshire gent, and Nick joined us in Chattanooga for some more Grade A southern sand stone.  Since we got back on the 11th we've been out to Little Rock City bouldering almost every day.  Everyone is having a blast and climbing strong.  I hope the trend continues, but for now it's time for a rest day!

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