Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Large Statue With Fist To Chin Elbow Upon Knee

"The best adventures answer questions, that in the beginning, you didn't think to ask."  These are the regurgitated words of Jeff Johnson, star of the documentary, 180 Degrees South, which I recently watched on Netflix, all thanks to my roommate Travis...way better than cable.  I don't think all adventures are set upon in order to answer questions, or even with the intent of calling them adventures; life just happens, certain experiences outweighing others.  Amongst other recent experiences, watching this film for the second time, has reassured me that I have made the right decision in moving to Wyoming and living as I do.  Much of the world remains to be seen before I can allow myself to pursue anything "grounding" in life: education, career, etc. 

All the while I realize that climbing and other leisure activities are not enough to lead a fulfilling life.  There is within me a burden that beckons me to complete my education...whatever that means...and contribute more fully to society.  But this, as with all things, will come with time.


I will continue to pursue climbing with abandon, as nothing else upon this earth has proved as fulfilling as the LIFESTYLE found through the climbing community.  As of now I plan to leave Wyoming some time in March, heading perhaps to Hueco Tanks in Texas;then on to Chattanooga for a brief stint before spending May at the Red River Gorge.  After May nothing is certain but I have a feeling I will find myself back in Lander, WY by July. 

Thanks for reading. Love you all and can't wait to see you in December.

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