Monday, June 13, 2011

A Unique Perspective

The following is part of an essay I wrote back in high school, part of a paper deemed "too abstract" and given a D.  I was offered the chance to rewrite the paper and improve my grade...I didn't.  What is "Proper?"  How do you define abstract?  Why are question marks so damn beautiful!!?

I was reminded of the following essay by the video which follows the essay.

            Stand back. Take it in.  Wait, you’ll miss it, slow down.  There before you it’s becoming clear.  Suddenly the old clich√© hits you, “the big picture.”  A wall rushes in flooding your perceptions, before you a continuous line of imagery, you catch up; Incredible? Yes. Incomprehensible?  No, though very near to it.  You see the picture.  Beauty beyond normality strains your eyes as you struggle to maintain consciousness.  You stand outside the universe looking in, as if attending some sort of cosmic art gallery.  The picture, it magnifies, ten, twenty, eighty, a trillion times.  You see a person, it’s you.  The still image comes to life as vivid as if you were there.  Freeze frame, zoom out.  A city, movement once again, thousands of lives before you individually, yet collectively; a jolt! It’s emotion.  You feel them, not good, not bad, a new sensation: love, hatred, shame, joy, alarm, sorrow, all in one; spectacular.  Stop.  Zoom out.  Before you once more, the sole image of radiant beauty, “The Big Picture.”

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