Monday, April 4, 2011

It Moves!

You are excited to read what I have to write; congratulations, you have made great progress! Now that this has been established, let us continue.

It has been three days and a damn good time since I left Lander.
Day 1:Lander to Laramie was uneventful.
Day 2: Very chill morning cooking breakfast at Andrea's followed by a comatose state. At this point I thought about going climbing at Vedawoo ...the comatose state won. Several hours later 7 of us piled into 3 separate vehicles and drove on down to Ft. Collins, CO. The other 6 folks planned to see Trampled by Turtles, a sold out show, that evening. I had no ticket but also nothing to do and nowhere to be so I joined an afternoon of debauchery leading up to the show which included (but was not limited to) visiting one of CO's finest beer breweries, a few heated rounds of the absolute worst game to include in your bar, ping-pong, and finally...finding a ticket to the show. Karma likes me and that's all there is to it.
Day 3: waiting.
Day 4 (today): Downtown Denver...

Separate Material

I've come full circle to the 1st inklings I had of getting out on my own. As I wandered through one of the coolest book stores I've ever been in (tattered cover books), Jack Kerouac's On The Road sat on a shelf beckoning to me. I first read this classic 3 or 4 years ago under my brother-in-law's recommendation. For those of you unfamiliar with the novel, it is the record of the authors' shenanigans across the country. This book is the stereotypical work for restless youths, portraying travel, work, drugs, sex, rock and roll, friendship, family, not much was left out.

I read the novel just before I graduated from High School, still ignorant of the world and all it had to offer. Today I passed by Kerouac's books quite different from the person I was and with fond memories of my own travels. Anyone who knows me knows my habit of expressing elaborate plans that change as frequently as the wind's direction and to once again be on the road living out my schemes seems surreal and fills me with a fervor for life matched perhaps only by "Dean Moriarty."

And now my hotel window overlooking downtown Denver mocks me. To enjoy the view from afar rather than become part of it seems foolish. I am off to correct my error!

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  1. Hi Daniel...sounds like the great road trip is starting out famously!