Saturday, March 26, 2011


This blog hasn't seen a new post in a long time but a recent acquaintance inquired wether I blogged and it seemed proper to update or discontinue this thing.

It's been 8 months since I moved to Lander, WY and in 4 days (give or take) I'll be heading back east. Living out here has been an experience unlike anything I could have predicted. Good and bad, there has been plenty of both but each has changed me for the better. The adventures I've had since my last post back in the fall are too many to list, typing with an iPod anyway, but for the moment, I'm finishing my last weekend in Wyoming in the same spirit that brought me here in the first place...

Yesterday was my final run at jackson hole, which with only 2 hours of sleep, was an interesting experience. Just a few hours before leaving Lander I decided to make a weekend of my trip planning to stay Saturday and Sunday to see a couple of bands, katchafire and State Radio.

That brings us to the present (sat morning). I once again have my suite assembled in the back of my ford ranger where I spent the night. 12 hours later I roll out the tailgate and wonder what the hell I'm suppossed to do until 4pm.

You are now as up to date as I can stand to share using an iPod in a mcdonalds lounge. Otherwise, ask me about my experiences in person when I return east in a fw days. Good day.

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